How To Buy High Quality Cannabis?

How To Buy High Quality Cannabis?

Top quality marijuana buds give the best smoking experience. When you get a quality flower, you will experience a relaxing aroma, great flavor, and pleasant highs.

People want the “Private Reserve,” “fire,” or “loud” weed and try as much as possible to avoid the “bunk,” “brick,” and “schwag” weed. There are clues you can look out for when you want to get top-shelf marijuana.

These clues are not easy to identify and it requires you to be very keen. Identifying high-quality cannabis can throw off even the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs. That’s why we share how to buy marijuana of the best quality.

Feel the Smell

When marijuana is cultivated then cured to the best standards, it will send forth a pleasant and pungent aroma. Flowers that produce strong fragrances are said to have a “loud” or “dank” odor and this is what indicates that their quality is good.

The terms that people use to refer to the aromas from high-quality cannabis include “piney,” “diesely,” and “skunky.” In essence, the smell of a good flower is unmistakable, pungent, and distinct and the stronger the aroma is, the better.

If you have been smoking marijuana for some years, you shouldn’t have any difficulty in picking a high-quality weed by using the smell.

Poor quality flowers produce varied and quirky fragrances which are repulsive. These low-end flowers are usually referred to as “bottom shelf” of “schwag” and their buds reeked of mildew or musty aroma which is an indication that they are compromised or aged cannabis.

Cannabis has a shelf life of one year, so, when stored for more than a year and away from heat and light, they will degrade. The repulsive aromas are usually a sign of advanced age, poor curing, or mishandling.

Check Their Appearance

Cannabis has visual hints that you can use to determine its quality. A top-shelf flower should have an appealing look and may exhibit a vivacious display of colors. They usually have lime or deep green color with flaming red or orange hairs.

Some also have bright blue to deep purple color. Another thing you can look out for is the presence of trichomes, the more of these the better because this is what indicates the level of therapeutic and intoxicating potency a flower has.

Poor quality flowers have lots of seeds and stems and are often discolored. The discoloration results from age, chemicals, pesticides, or mold.

This type of cannabis should be avoided as these characteristics may indicate that you are being given the previous year’s harvest or a bunch full of unhealthy chemicals.

Feel the Texture

When you squeeze or touch a high-quality flower, you will experience a spongy and sticky feel. Try to pull the buds and they will break apart and the stems should also snap with ease.

The flower should not crumble when touched and should not be completely dry, and they should also not be too soft or wet since this would indicate that they have a higher chance of containing or developing mildew or mold.

A poor-quality flower is brittle, very dry and crumbles easily when handled. It will also feel airy and light and may start falling apart when handled.

This type of flower is referred to as “shake” and it is not good for use. If you are new in smoking, try to learn more about cannabis flower texture to help you in picking the best.

Flower Structure

Sativa-dominant flowers are fluffy and light in composition and shape while the indicas have denser and tighter flowers structures. When flowers are rock-hard, it may be an indication that the farmer may have used growth regulators on the plants.

The regulators lead to the hardness and the unpleasant taste that such flowers have. Very fluffy flowers is an indication that they were not cultivated well and were let to grow under insufficient light intensity.

A discerning eye can easily pick out such flowers because they will be inferior in structural appearance, unlike their properly cultivated counterparts that have very aesthetically pleasing structures.

Even though the structure can’t help determine the chemical composition of a flower, it is a good indication of what it might be containing. These poorly cultivated flowers may contain high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids but their density makes them be harshly and widely dismissed by those who use cannabis.

How to Buy Marijuana from Dispensaries

If you are unable to identify good marijuana on your own, then it would be better to get them from reputable marijuana dispensaries. These dispensaries do quality checks on their flowers to ensure that they only stock the best and at fair prices.

They have set quality standards and they ensure their marijuana stock comply with those standards. Marijuana dispensaries are also regulated by the government, so, they can’t stock low-quality products.

You can ask a few friends to help you identify such dispensaries, that’s how to buy marijuana that you can be sure is of high quality.

Still Asking How to Buy Marijuana? Your Own Personal Taste Can Guide You

Picking high-quality cannabis shouldn’t pose a challenge at all. With a careful look, even a beginner can separate high-quality cannabis from the low-quality buds with ease. However, what you will finally pick will depend on your own taste. What you like may not be the same as what your friend, delivery driver, or local budtender likes.

There are thousands of cannabis cultivators and they produce hundreds of strains of the product. So, you may find out that the strain available in one region may not be available in another region.

What matters at the end of the day is whether you have found the right product that offers you the effects you are looking for. If you want more tips and tricks on how to buy marijuana and other products, feel free to explore our blog.