How to Choose the Best Weed Dispensary for You

How to Choose the Best Weed Dispensary for You

If you’ve never visited a cannabis dispensary you might be wondering what to expect. Where do you start and how do you even find one?

Whether you’re a medical marijuana beginner or an expert, there are some things to consider before visiting a dispensary.

Learn all about how to find the best weed dispensary by considering the following advice.


It might surprise you how many medical or recreational dispensaries are nearby. But if you need a certain product, be sure to look for dispensaries that carry it.

For example, Remedy Las Vegas has dispensary locations in the Vegas area and across Nevada. Use a dispensary locator to see which ones are closest to you.


Sometimes you can find a menu and price list on the dispensary website.

Certain strains and higher grades result in higher prices. On average, medical marijuana costs between $5 – $20 for a gram of buds and between $200 – $400 for an ounce.

Speak to your doctor or consult a budtender for recommendations if you’re not sure what strain you need.

Product Quality

Some people need a specific strain of cannabis or rely on the purity of their medical marijuana. Quality can vary a lot between locations. This is because some dispensaries grow their product while others get theirs wholesale.

Are growing conditions important to you? If so, research the company beforehand to learn more about where their cannabis comes from.

Variety of Products

Smoking medical marijuana isn’t the only way to use it. There are other ways to use medical marijuana such as tinctures and edibles.

There are even different ways to smoke weed, so depending on your preference you may want to try papers, vapes, pipes, or something else. If you want to try “eating weed” (taking an edible form), make sure the dispensary has a variety of edibles.

Wide Strain Selection

There are many types of weed and different strains help different conditions. Some dispensaries may carry a strain that others don’t.

Some strains make you feel energized and focused while others are for relaxation or pain relief. The strain you’ll want depends on why you need cannabis in the first place.

For example, some people want to know what the best weed for pain might be. In that case, a CBD-dominant or balanced strain may be best.


Perhaps the most important part of finding the right dispensary is to find one with a welcoming atmosphere. As a first-time visitor, you want to feel comfortable.

Knowledgeable staff is also important to answer your questions. Budtenders have heard it all from the beginner that needs to know the different ways of how to smoke weed to patients looking for pain-management.

Finding the Best Weed Dispensary for You

When looking for the best weed dispensary, you need to ask yourself what matters. Use the list of considerations above to help you figure out your needs and decide on what’s most important.

If a specific strain or type matters most, search for dispensaries that carry it. Customer reviews and proximity may also impact your decision.

For more advice like this be sure to check the blog often. We post articles on a variety of lifestyle topics with helpful tidbits that you need to know.

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