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The Art Of Moving On In Life


We all face circumstances in life that cause us to question whether we are on the right path. Either you’ve chosen a very underwhelming career, or the topic of divorce has reared its head, we are thrown into situations that only serves to move us on in life. So when we face these situations, what can we do to minimize the stress, but also benefit us?

Release the past

Feeling scared of the future? It is perfectly normal, but if you are holding onto something from the past, this isn’t letting you move on effectively. Whatever it might be, it could be something physical, such as realizing you need to sell your house, or something emotional, such as latching onto a relationship that was unhealthy, you need to make that break with the past so you can move forward. Yes, it is easier said than done, but as soon as you realize that there is something from your past affecting your present, it’s going to affect your future too.

Create new goals

In deciding to move on, it’s important to create goals that you have wanted for a long time. The idea isn’t to make yourself into a new person, but instead, create short term and long-term goals that will put you into a happier state. They don’t have to be grandiose plans, they could just be something little with regards to your personal development. Something like a bit more exercise, or just socializing a little bit more, are small and manageable goals that you can use to create a more positive version of yourself. You know where your unhappy parts in life lie, whether this relates to body image, your career, or little annoyances that you’ve been meaning to correct, you now have the opportunity to change these.

Change your state of mind

In trying to move on with life, the one thing that can hold us back is ourselves. Nowadays, there are many different approaches to changing of state of mind, either through things like counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or just noticing that you are holding back in certain ways. By changing your attitude and frame of mind, from a negative one to a positive, this opens up a whole new world for you. The act of mindfulness is something we can all start to practice to help us evaluate how we are feeling, but it can also give us that meaning to life that will help us to move on under any stressful circumstances.

In moving on with your life, it is you that is the obstacle. Lots of people prefer to blame outside influences, but when it comes to taking the initiative to move on, it’s you that has to take ownership of the situation. We all have big obstacles in our lives that we need to climb over, but this is all part of what makes us human. By moving on in life, you can get yourself out of a situation that was bad for you, but didn’t realize it at the time.