I’m Pregnant, I’m Up, And I’m Dressed. What More Do You Want?

We have a family member that is going to be a dad. I haven’t seen him or mom to be since the start of her pregnancy but Abby sees mom to be often when her mom takes her over there. Of course Abby doesn’t want to feel left out of anything. Today she announced that she wants me to put her in my belly so she can be a baby. She named everything she wanted when she is a baby, baby bed, baby swing, baby pacifier, baby carrier, high chair and oh so much more. After she rambled on a good 30 minutes I tried to explain to her I didn’t know how to put her in my belly so she would have to remain a big girl. Her response? MIMI you do know how to put me in your belly, let me show you uh? What the L?

She turned around and around and around then told me all I had to do next was to jump and she would be in my belly. So let me get this right, I turn in a circle 3 times and jump and I’m pregnant?


i'm pregnant, I'm up, and I'm dressed. What more do you want?




Let’s not panic here, what goes in must come out, RIGHT?

So Abby (who has decided when she comes out of my belly her name will be Shelly AND she will have a pretty bow on her head) how do I get you out of my belly?

Oh, mimi you’re so silly. You have to drink the water. Clearly, I’m missing something here So and so said aunt XXXX is having a baby because there must be something in the drinking water. So you can make me come out of your belly by drinking water. I see (and I know what saying she is referring to, she pays attention more than people realize) So Abby AKA Shelley, if I drink water I can have you? That’s all I have to do and you will be a baby and come out of my belly with a bow on? YES MIMI. *EYE ROLLS*


Thank God that is all it took. I don’t think I could stand to be in labor more than a day at my age.

I'm pregnant

I wonder what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

Dearest Abby, Mimis big little girl,
One day either when Im still alive to witness my great grand-childs birth or when Im walking with Jesus, I hope you are fortunate enough to be a mommy. Honey, this isnt exactly (but close) to how you will discover a new life in your little belly. However, having your new bundle of joy may cause a little more discomfort than it did for mimi today so I suggest you ask for medication. Lots and lots of medication.
I know you will be a great mommy just like you are to all of your little dolls. Love your children, take them to church, make sure they know Jesus and always put them first.
I love you Abby.