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Only You Can Bring These Possibilities To A New Career

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Far too many of us waste time in careers we didn’t choose and don’t enjoy. These are usually fields we fall into because they’re convenient, or we know someone who can give us an in point. We promise we’ll only be there for a year, but ten years on, we still arrive at the same desk each day. That’s not a reality anyone wants.

In truth though, many people hold off walking away from a career due to fears they won’t find another. You’ve never actually used those qualifications. Would an employer consider you at this stage? In all honesty, you may have a hard time ahead. There’s no getting past the fact that most bosses look for experience, especially in older candidates.

But, that’s not to say you can’t break into the career you always wanted. All you need to do is give yourself an edge, and one way to do that is to bring new thoughts to old careers. And, here are a few of the ways you can do it.

Make use of technology

Technology can transform ANY field. So, a fantastic way to make yourself stand out would be to make use of this. On a fundamental level, that means finding out who you need to appeal to and getting their email address. This shows initiative and ensures your application goes straight to the top. But, even once you’ve bagged an interview, technology-based ideas could give you an edge. Have you got an idea of how the company in question could use technology? For instance, if you’re interviewing for coffee shop management, could you introduce self-service tills? Ideas like these are sure to stick in an employers mind.

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Join ideas together?

It may also be worth joining ideas together to make yourself an appealing candidate. Say you are going into psychology. You could give yourself an edge by studying a Christian BS psychology program. This looks at both faith and science and ensures you can offer a different service. Your employer may not have even realized they need someone like you until your interview. But, once they see what you can do, your lack of experience won’t even matter. Similar joint courses are available for a variety of fields. You could even study two things alongside each other to provide a tailored service no one else can.

Bring your unique view to the table

Of course, both of the above points involve a unique approach. But, you don’t have to go to these extremes to bag your dream career. Without any effort, you already have the best weapon of all. After all, who else thinks the way you do? Just expressing your views on your chosen industry could get you the job. Don’t be afraid to show what you could bring forward if you’re chosen. Discuss changes you might make or improvements you would like to put in place. Pose these to your potential boss in the right way, and you’re sure to get the job.