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The Secrets to Creating an Effortlessly Chic, Parisian-style Home

From their impeccable taste in perfumes to their classic fashion sense, the French have always seemed to have the upper hand when it comes to style. The world has been obsessed with French fashion for decades at this point, but the latest French craze doesn’t involve fashion per se. We are, of course, talking about the sleek Parisian decor. 

If you’d like to emulate Parisian elegance in your everyday life, you should take a peek at these secrets to styling your home in Parisian fashion.

The must-haves of the Parisian architecture

The Secrets to Creating an Effortlessly Chic, Parisian-style Home

Before actually putting furniture and miscellaneous items into your apartment, you should pay attention to these key architectural elements. The French lofts are known to have floor-to-ceiling windows that let the light in all day long. The windows are often decorated with long curtains, which are rarely flashy, so look for some that are of earthy tones. Another crucial part of Parisian home decor is the moldings. Since white walls are essential, moldings give much-needed flair to them. Lastly, if you have access to the chimney, you should think about installing a marble fireplace. They serve as a centerpiece to Parisian homes and will be a great addition to yours too. Fireplaces give a cozy feel to the room while balancing out the whiteness of the walls.

The mix of the classic and the modern

The Secrets to Creating an Effortlessly Chic, Parisian-style Home

One of the critical features of Parisian interior design is the deliberate clash of modern and antique pieces. The French are very proud of their history and they’re not afraid of introducing it into their apartments through the furniture they choose. For example, place an ornate glass coffee table on some trendy woolen rugs from NZ, which are sure to cozy up your space. Another idea is to frame a contemporary painting by a local artist in an embellished golden frame. The artist doesn’t even have to be French! You should visit some antique shops and have fun selecting the pieces which speak to you the most.

Don’t bother to stick with a particular style

The Secrets to Creating an Effortlessly Chic, Parisian-style Home

Being extremely consistent with only one decor style comes with a risk of making your apartment look dated as the years go by. The French are very proud of the timeless quality of their interior design, which can only be accomplished by slight chaos. This is why there’s no particular method or style that the French follow in their decor journey. Just like classic pieces are matched with contemporary flair, the different styles can also be combined. A Scandinavian chair will go amazingly with a mid-century lamp – stunning furniture looks good together no matter which distinct style the designer was privy to. 

To a similar vein, don’t rush the decorating process. Many people love to have their homes perfectly decorated as soon as they move in. However, this is not how the French do it. Good design takes time, as does the decoration of functional living space. 

Stir away from the clichés

The Secrets to Creating an Effortlessly Chic, Parisian-style Home

When decorating your living area, be careful not to influence yourself by the French stereotypes, as they are much more than the stereotypes surrounding them. In other words, don’t be too literal with your decor choices. Sadly, this means avoiding the sticker cut-outs for the windows in the shape of the Eiffel Tower or framed lyrics of La Vie en Rose like the plague. Decorating your home in the Parisian style means being respectful of their culture by integrating it seamlessly into your space, not just adding in everything that seems vaguely French.

The essential decor pieces

The Secrets to Creating an Effortlessly Chic, Parisian-style Home

Now that the basic dos and don’ts have been covered, let’s pay attention to the actual pieces you can introduce to your living space to achieve Parisian elegance. The easiest way to do so is to get a big gold mirror. If you manage to get your hands on a vintage one, all the better. As a staple of Parisian apartments, it is usually placed above the must-have fireplace. There is oftentimes some decoration on the fireplace itself, usually in the form of a vintage vase filled with fresh or dried-out flowers. Vases are an incredible addition to any home since they are so versatile. Make sure you don’t get only one – pick up multiple glass vases of various colors, designs, and sizes. 

Another key piece that will undoubtedly bring the Parisian breeze into your living area is the classic chandelier. Though a basic fixture can be neat, replacing it with a chandelier can make a sizable difference in the level of elegance your home possesses.

Contemporary and antique, yet timeless, homes decorated in the Parisian style perfectly balance out the classic and flashy. Whether you’d like to go all-in and give in to the French lifestyle, or you’d just like to add a couple of inspiring new pieces to your home, hopefully, the previously mentioned secrets will help you enjoy your home and the decorating process.