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Top 4 Whale Watching Cruise Destination in Los Angeles

Sure, you’ve heard of the majestic blue whales- the largest animal that exists. Huge enough to take in 50 tons of water in a single gulp. Large enough to size up to a commercial jet.

For feeding and mating, whales are constant ocean travelers. The grey whale travels up to 8,000 miles a year. So, there’s little chance that you can get into the ocean anywhere for a whale encounter. But some places are far more reliable than others.

Los Angeles is lucky to sit in the path of whale migration. Los Angeles has some of the best spots for a close-up encounter with various whale species.

If observing these gentle giants will make it to the top of your bucket list, here are 5 Los Angeles whale-watching destinations to experience the beauty of these majestic creatures.

Newport Beach

Newport beach is one of the few destinations in the world where you can find year-round cruises. Different locations attract different species of whales at different times of the year. But joining a cruise off Newport beach is an all-year affair.

In summer and fall, the majestic blue whale can be seen. Finback and grey whales are the favorites in winter and spring. Humpback, minke whale, and several types of dolphins can be seen any time of the year.

Santa Monica

Another whale-plentiful site along the Los Angeles coastline is Santa Monica. You are sure to catch a glimpse of several species of whale. Santa Monica is the best place to view orcas- killer whales. They are seen year-round in the area. You might also catch a glimpse of the Pacific gray whale in the course of the migration.

Don’t rule out witnessing stunning Humpbacks and other varieties of whales that roam Santa Monica’s waters. A cruise off Santa Monica Beach requires one thing. Be on the lookout because you never can tell.

Long Beach

If you happen to be visiting Los Angeles on a whale-watching excursion, Long Beach is the place to go. Here, any whale watching LA visitor can board a cruise to see whales breaching the surface of the water. Whales are mostly seen here during the fall months. You will witness grey whales and minkes along with other unexpected marine wildlife from the deck of your expedition cruise.

Your tour from Long beach will be full of fun. There are tour guides who are pacific experts to educate you on the fascinating world of whales and other marine wildlife of the Pacific waters.

Redondo Beach

Popularly known as the close-to-shore whale sighting destination, Redondo beach is one of the best spots to witness killer whales and humpbacks swimming by. You can be lucky to stroll the park or stand close by to see a staple of whales breaching. Or get into real action by taking a whale-watching cruise.

Want a whale watching adventure of a lifetime? Los Angeles has some of the best destinations for witnessing whales close up in their natural habitat. A trip to Los Angeles for a whale-watching cruise is a wholesome adventure for thrill-seeking travelers. Take the time out to see the magical sides of whales and you will be glad you did.