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7 Common Vacation Mistakes to Avoid for Couples

Did you know that the average full-time employee in the United States only takes 16 days off from work per year? You’re more than likely in desperate need of a break from the real world. So if you’re planning a vacation with your partner, you have to make it count!

Far too many couples fall victim to common vacation mistakes that ruin their precious little time away from the office. But by knowing what these mistakes are, you’ll be better equipped to avoid them.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

1. Not Setting a Budget

Whether you’re traveling out of state or planning a staycation, the first step in approaching any vacation should be to set a budget. One of the most common things couples argue over is money. If you fight about it at home, the problem can carry over into your vacation.

To prevent this, agree on your budget for vacations beforehand and work together to iron out the finer details. Don’t just discuss major expenses like booking flights and hotels, set a budget for every type of expense in your trip, including food and souvenirs.

2. Not Planning Together

Every relationship has a planner, someone who enjoys the research and organization that goes into vacationing. And while there’s nothing wrong with one person being a bit more on top of things than the other, you should both be part of the vacation planning process.

Look at everything together, including options for hotels, restaurants, and excursions – anything that you plan to do on your trip but especially those that require a reservation. And be sure that you agree on your choices before clicking “book”. 

3. Planning Every Minute

Speaking of planning, while it’s a good idea to have an itinerary for your trip, trying to plan everything down to the minute is a mistake. Work together to create a wishlist and make any reservations necessary, but give yourselves some breathing room as well.

Overextending yourselves can lead to conflict because as much as we might want to do it all, a hectic schedule is stressful. Keep your itinerary flexible, giving yourself the option to relax between adventures if necessary.

4. Not Taking Time Apart

Yes, you’re going on vacation together, you should be spending the majority of your time together. However, for many couples, spending every waking moment in each other’s presence can cause friction.

It’s okay to spend some time apart! Let’s say you were really hoping to get a nap in before dinner but your partner has plenty of energy to power through the rest of the day. Well, go your separate ways for an hour or two!

Maybe your partner is really interested in a museum that you don’t care to see. They can go explore it while you rest. Taking a morning or afternoon to do your own thing can make your time together even better.

5. Ignoring Challenges

Even on vacation, there will likely be times when you’re faced with conflict. You might be tempted to ignore it for the sake of enjoying the day, but this is the worst thing you can do. Arguing isn’t fun, but it’s best to face conflict head-on when it arises.

And who said conflict automatically means a heated argument? If you feel heated, take a moment to yourself to step away or go for a walk and come back when you feel you can have a calm discussion about what’s bothering you.

You’ll probably be in for a few uncomfortable minutes, but it’s better to work it out right away than allow negative feelings to build over hours or days.

6. Not Setting Expectations

For some couples, one person’s definition of fun is completely different from the other’s. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you do need to define a purpose for your vacation in advance if that’s the case.

As you’re researching destinations for vacations, talk about what you hope to accomplish on your trip. Is this vacation purely for relaxation, adventure, or something in between?

Setting expectations before your vacation will ensure that there are no surprises and limit the potential for conflict. As we mentioned before, you can absolutely take some time to do things that you enjoy on your own, but the bulk of the trip should be agreed upon with your partner.

7. Spending Too Much Time with Technology

There’s nothing wrong with checking your phone every now and then, but spending your entire vacation glued to a screen is sure to cause problems. Remember that you’re planning this vacation to spend quality time with your partner, not your social media accounts!

Agree on phone-free zones before setting off on your trip. These can be during dinner or excursions, even in the hotel room!

After all, wouldn’t you rather use your hotel room for getting intimate with your partner? If you need some inspiration for the bedroom, this guide can point you in the right direction.

Avoid These Vacation Mistakes for the Ultimate Couples Getaway

If you’re like most people, you take very little time off from work. This only makes it more important to avoid these common vacation mistakes!

The last thing you want to do is have your vacation ruined over something as solvable as spending too much time together or not working together to plan. Communicate with each other as best you can and don’t stress too much over the small things – you’ll enjoy your vacation that much more.

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