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Solution to End Roaches

I’m on a kick about roaches lately.  I can’t for the life of me, imagine what use they have in the insect world.  I despise them that much.   We were affected by the hurricane and when there is water everywhere, it makes things like roaches and rats move.  Unfortunately, some have moved into my area and in fact, I have seen a roach on my outdoor furniture.  For that reason, I was ready to move out.  Okay maybe that is a stretch but it made me take action to find something that I could spray outdoors that wouldn’t leave any kind of residue laying around on my patios.  I have pets and they like to lounge on my chairs as much as I do.

I talked to some shop owners in my area asking if anyone else has had a bug problem and what their solution was to the problem.  One of them suggested that I google products to help as a cheaper choice than calling an exterminator.  I found a couple of helpful sites on the matter and one article even had a list of popular products to try. What impressed me about it was that they had a rating on each product and listed the pros and cons of each one. That made it pretty easy to select what I thought would work best, which ended up being a pet-friendly spray with no harsh chemicals. I’m happy to report that the product worked well and I can now put the creepy crawlies in the back of my mind!

In case you aren’t aware of it, roaches carry some serious diseases and can make you really sick.  You never want to allow them to move in.   They lay 50 eggs at a time which is how they spread rapidly.  Once that happens it’s a lot harder to contain them.  It’s easier to try what I did or call an exterminator to stop them in their tracks.  There are also a lot of ways you can keep them at bay such as by keeping foods completely sealed and not leaving paper sacks and boxes laying around.  Once they find a spot they like they stay.   The first place you want to treat them is their nest.  You’ll know it’s their nest by finding mounds of cast skins, egg cases, dark spots or smears, and live or dead cockroaches.  

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