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3 Tips For Losing Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds

If you’re committed to healthy weight loss, it can take months or even years to take off all the pounds you’ve put on over the years. But with each pound lower that the scale gets, you’ll start feeling like your weight loss goal is more and more attainable. 

However, as you near your goal weight, you might come to find that getting those last few pounds off is much harder than any of the other weight you’ve lost. If you’re currently finding yourself in this predicament, here are three tips for losing those last few stubborn pounds. 

3 Tips For Losing Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds

Consider Liposuction

If you’ve already tried everything to get these pounds to come off naturally, you might want to look into some surgical options, like liposuction

According to Natalie Kita, a contributor to Very Well Health, liposuction is really ideal for those people who just need to lose some of the fat that they haven’t had success getting off on their own. While many people think liposuction can take out pounds and pounds of fat, people generally only lose one to ten pounds after having liposuction, which further proves that it’s ideal for just those last few pounds or trouble spots that diet and exercise haven’t gotten rid of. 

Be A Little More Strict With Your Diet and Exercise

For those who have been living a very unhealthy lifestyle before trying to get serious about losing weight, even the smallest of changes can help you see some big results. But once you get closer to your goal weight, you might have to buckle down more than you did before.

To help you with this, Everyday Health recommends that you try things like cutting down your calorie intake a bit more, increasing the intensity of your workouts, doing more weight lifting and less cardio, changing what you include in your diet, and more. Sometimes, these adjustments are just what your body needs to get kicked into another gear and lose those last few pounds. 

Make Sure Your Sleep Is On Point

One part of weight loss than many people neglect is their sleep. When you’re not getting enough sleep, it can be hard for your body to lose the maximum amount of weight, which might be why it’s holding onto those last few pounds.

If sleep hasn’t played a big role in your weight loss as of yet, Lauren Bedosky, a contributor to Shape.com, recommends that you start making some adjustments in your life so you can get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. By doing this, you’ll find your hunger cravings reduced and make it easier to drop to your goal weight. 

If you’re having trouble losing the last little bit of weight in order to reach your fitness goals, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get there. 

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