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5 Main Benefits of Using Zero-Calorie Sugar Substitutes Over Sugar

Many artificial sweeteners have very low- or no-calorie sugar substitutes and have many benefits over sugars. The calorie-cutting benefits of sugar substitutes are well-advertised, and for a good reason. 

While they are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) products by the FDA, sugar substitutes have many other benefits you can enjoy.

If you’re looking to cut back on your sugar intake, then here are some great benefits of sugar substitutes to consider:

1. Derived from Natural Substances

Although sugar substitutes are sugar substitutes, they are manufactured from naturally occurring substances like herbs and sugar plants. These substances form the foundation of what we know as sugar substitutes today.

Most sugar substitutes also tend to be much sweeter than actual sugar products. Thus, the reason why they are a more attractive alternative when looking to lower your sugar intake.

2. Help Control Weight

Almost every sugar substitute in the market adds no calories to your diet, even when consumed in significant amounts. In contrast, many processed sugar products contain high-calorie levels. For example, you can compare taking over 16 calories in every tablespoon of sugar to sweeteners. This little lifestyle change can help reduce your caloric intake significantly.

If a can of Coke contains over 10 teaspoons of sugar, that equates to over 160 calories added to your body. Replacing this with sweetened products will help you control your weight and start you on a path to a healthier lifestyle.

3. Support Better Oral Health

Consuming sweet ol’ sugar plays a critical role in promoting tooth decay and cavities, and other issues with your oral health. You can reduce the adverse effects of sugar by using baking sweetener in your meals. These sugar substitutes discourage bacterial growth and plaque.

Many dental agencies in the US promote the use of sugar substitutes because of their anti-cariogenic effects. There’s evidence to suggest that these sugar substitutes can prevent tooth decay by discouraging bacterial growth that can harm your teeth.

4. Less Adverse Chemical Exposure

Many sugar substitutes don’t contain artificial herbicides or pesticides to promote their growth. You can also experience this added benefit over other sugar products. And although issues with overall health and wellness will always arise when you don’t consume any product in moderation, the added benefits of sugar substitutes far outweigh their disadvantages.

As such, you’re always sure you are consuming a product that’s free of any harmful chemicals that may cause more harm to your health than good.

5. An Excellent Alternative for People with Diabetes

Sugar substitutes are not carbohydrates. As such, they will hardly always raise your blood sugar levels when consumed.

Therefore, sugar substitutes are great alternatives for people diagnosed with diabetes. It is always best to seek medical advice from your doctor before using sugar substitutes. These sugar alternatives support several ongoing health needs, especially for people with diabetes.

NOTE: replacing sugars with sugar substitutes is only the first step toward ensuring better health and wellness. You always want to monitor your diet and start a daily exercise routine to manage your diabetes.


While the benefits of using sugar substitutes are apparent, it is always best to use them in moderation. You also want to consult with your doctor or dietitian before adding any sugar alternatives to your diet. Remember, as much as sugar substitutes have many health benefits, there are also risks of using them.