Memory disorders, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, are a growing fear as we live longer and longer as a population. Dementia affects 5% of the older population alone and can often lead to Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative issues. Memory disorders are a scary concept and, when your relative is diagnosed,Continue Reading

It’s all good and well figuring out what we need to be happy during our time on earth. But remember, life can’t always be all fun and games. We have responsibilities to our friends, family, and wider society. Take your parents, for example. While they’ll be proud of the lifeContinue Reading

Have you been having trouble sleeping recently? Maybe you’ve been experiencing hot flashes, sweating more frequently, or your clothes seem to be fitting a little snugly even though you haven’t made any changes to your diet or relaxed your fitness routine. You are concerned about these changes you’re experiencing butContinue Reading